Recovery Links

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous This is the General Service Offices (GSO) website for AA
AA Meetings Find an AA meeting using local Central offices, Intergroups and answering services
Online Meetings Meetings that take place in “real time” online.
Big Book The “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous
Brief Guide to the Big Book This is a good place to start for those new to Recovery and have questions about AA.
AA’s 12×12 The AA book of “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”
Traditions Checklist Individual and AA groups use the Checklist as a basis for study and discussion.

More about alcohol and addiction (These links are provided for additional information. These links are neither endorsed nor approved by the Recovery Stages website.)

Addiction Center Good website for useful information about addiction and alcoholism. The answer to many questions can be found quickly. The website is well organized.
Click here for information about Alcohol Treatment.
Alcohol Treatment Offering help in taking the first step towards long-term recovery by listing the following at the bottom of the Home page:

  • Alcohol Recovery Centers by US State
  • Different Types Of Alcohol Treatment
  • Insurance Plans For Alcohol Treatment
Dangers of Drug Addiction A young lady, Abby, found information that she believes will help other kids learn all about the dangers of drug use. Recovery Stages was asked to “Pass It On,” and we are happy to
Drug Rehab Connections A group of individuals who want to help those battling alcoholism and addiction by finding them the help they need.
Drug Treatment Center A rehabilitation website. Recomended by Clara for their useful information.
How To Choose The Best Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center Some considerations in choosing rehabilitation centers.
The UK’s leading addiction treatment helpline. Free help for anyone affected by addiction with advice on both NHS & private drug and alcohol treatment options.
Under 21 Drunk Driving Very important for young people to know. It can change their life! (Thanks to Laura and Becca)

Other Recovery Programs based upon the Twelve Steps of AA

Meetings In The Rooms Find an AA, NA, OA or GA meeting by location. (Address or ZIP code)
Al-Anon And Alateen/ Offers hope and help to families and friends of alcoholics.
Narcotics Anonymous An association of recovering drug addicts.
Cocaine Anonymous A Fellowship of, by, and for addicts seeking recovery.
Overeaters Anonymous A program of recovery from compulsive overeating.
Gamblers Anonymous A program of recovery from compulsive gambling.
List of 12 Step Groups A partial list of other 12 Step groups.

Additional Recovery Resources

XA speakers XA speakers is a collection of recovery recordings from speaker meetings,
conventions and workshops of 12-step fellowships. They include Alcoholics
Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups and Narcotics Anonymous. Over 2000 AA tapes,
over 2800 recovery tapes total.
Addiction and Recovery Information “Addiction and Recovery Information for Individuals, Families and Health
Professionals.” This is another Recovery website, and it is a very useful
website. There is a great deal of detail practical information. This is another very good Recovery website. This is a good place to
begin looking for information about addiction, alcoholism and recovery. The
information is broad in scope and avoids excessive detail. Various rehab centers that offer treatment programs for people who are
ready to stop using are compared. There is useful information that assists
in determining what to compare.
SpeakerTap A large anonymous archive of recovery speaker recordings from AA, Al-Anon, Marijuana Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts and Sexaholics Anonymous.
Recovery Forums There are many Recovery Forums. This one is “Alcohol and Addictions
Recovery Help/Support Forums”, and has over 4000 members.
Dangerous Drugs Recall Report was created to alert the public to the latest information on dangerous drugs and products.
Dual Recovery
An individual can be affected by both chemical dependency and an emotional
or psychiatric illness. A place to look for help can be found here.

Some AA History

The Wilson House The birthplace of Bill Wilson.
Stepping Stones Home of Bill and Lois Wilson.
Dr. Bob’s Biography Robert Holbrook Smith and Alcoholics Anonymous by Dick B. Alcoholics Anonymous History and Biography

Shopping for Recovery Materials, Books, Gifts, Medallions etc.

Recovery Emporium Think of a Recovery Department Store
My 12 Step Store Think of another Recovery Department Store
Recovery World Yet another Recovery Department Store
Hazelden Store Hazelden has a Store, but much, much more.