Pass It On

Grateful for the Recovery experience and wish to Pass It On.

There many examples of successful Recovery in the Recovery community. People in Recovery care for one another. They also know how to care, no hour is too late, no time too long to help one in need. This caring is sufficient to embrace all with the pain of alcoholism/addiction. They depend on each other, and have affected each others lives. The Recovery community is where the old timers Pass It, Recovery, On to the newcomers. What is an old timer? It is someone who worked the 12 Steps of Recovery and is living the life of Recovery.

Newcomers in a 12 Step Recovery program are encouraged to secure a sponsor. A sponsor is another alcoholic/addict in the 12 Step Recovery program who is willing to share their journey through the Twelve Steps. A sponsor is often someone who is living the good Recovery life and wishes to help others find what they found. The beginning of the Recovery process for the sponsee is often painful, fearful and confusing. The sponsor knows that particular kind pain, fear and confusion. The sponsor has the needed experience to guide the sponsee through those early days. Once the sponsee gains some stability, the sponsor can take the sponsee through the 12 Step Recovery program. Payoff for the sponsee is freedom from alcoholism/addiction and a new successful way of living. Payoff for the sponsor is sustained sobriety, being of service and the joy of Passing It On.

One of the goals of working the 12 Step Recovery program is a Spiritual awaking. What is a Spiritual awaking? If a hundred people in Recovery were asked, it would not surprise me if there were a hundred different answers. There are many similarities, but each one is a very personal experience.

Personal Story

I believe my Spiritual awaking took time. There were slow changes in my attitude and behavior. The result of working the steps was to move from a me-centered life to an we-centered life. I joined the human race. I found a new useful and satisfying way of living that I never dreamed was possible. I no longer look for something or someone to make me feel good. I got to know myself and found out why I did what I did. Today, I am personally responsible and accountable for my actions. I believe tomorrow can be better than today and the best has yet to come! I am no longer afraid of me. I have become the person I wanted to be, at times fully human and fully alive. I am very grateful, and wish to Pass It On.

In Recovery there is Humor, Optimism, Patience and Effort, there is HOPE.

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  • AA Photo History – Trips were taken in the 2001 – 2002 period to the Vermont birthplaces of Dr. Bob Smith, and Bill Wilson and to the home of Dr. Bob and Anne in Akron, Ohio. Photos taken on those trips were combined with other photos to make a Historical AA Photo Album.
  • AA Membership Survey – Alcoholics Anonymous takes surveys of it’s membership. The results of the most recent one are presented here.