DUI/DWI cost

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The cost of a DUI/DWI will depend on multiple factors, including the number of offenses, the jurisdiction of the offense, and whether or not there were injuries and/or property damage. According to the 2009 Oklahoma Driver’s Manual for example, an “uncomplicated” DUI/DWI charge, which is defined as meaning there was no attempt to elude police, no resisting arrest and no other traffic violation, is estimated at $19,005.

The table below illustrates the cost of some of the items associated with a DUI/DWI.    Note: The data was collected between 2005 to 2010. The cost is probably higher today.



Fines/Penalties From $300 to $5,000
Court costs From $400 to $500 (can be high as $1,200)
Bail $10,000 for $100,000 bail for a felony DWI/DUI charge.
Bail $250 for $2500 bail plus process fee
Defense attorney Average $3,000
Miscellaneous fees From $20 to $500
Towing and storage fees From $200 to $500
Ignition Interlock Devices From $600 to $2500
DUI classes From $175 to $550
Drivers license reinstatement From $100 to $550
Auto Insurance Increase From $1,000 to $3,600 per year for 3 years
Public transportation for one year From $500 to $800

The cost of loss of income due to following is less well

Drivers license suspension From 3 months to 5 years
DUI treatment program From 3 to 30 months
Jail and/ or Community service From 2 days to 2 years