The web site is based upon one person’s personal experience in Recovery. It is provided as an expression of gratitude for Recovery and the help received from the Recovery Community. Hopefully this web site will be of service and provide:

  • Useful Recovery Information
  • Entertainment


This web site is dedicated to the Recovery Community:

  • Newcomers to the Recovery Community
  • Members of the Recovery Community
  • Alcoholics
  • Addicts
  • Friends and Family of Alcoholics/Addicts
  • Anyone who has an interest in Recovery.

A special “Thank You” to all those who have shared the path of Recovery and offered to help when it was needed.


This web site is provided by a member of the Recovery community. He is solely responsible for the content within the web site. There is no association with any other recovery web site or recovery group, such as AA, NA, OA, GA, etc. These pages are neither endorsed nor approved by any Recovery group.

This site provides links to recovery-related websites. Inclusion of these links is intended to be a convenience for those who visit this site, and does not imply any endorsement or approval.

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This web site is a work in process. Optimistically, this website will continue to evolve in response to feedback, experience and technology. Any ideas about organization, structure, language and/or new features are most welcomed. An attempt will be made to be responsive to your inputs. Send an Email to the Webmaster.